The Marketing Luxury Group is recognized as an international creative force in the luxury home industry.


It was founded by Michael LaFido who has been recognized as one of the top real estate marketers worldwide.

Our Team

Our in-house and international team includes data analysts, international advertising specialists, videographers, copywriters, graphic designers, website developers, media groups, tech gurus and media strategists that work hand in hand with real estate agents and homeowners. Our global network includes brokers, investors, and influencers who publicly and privately advance our clients’ home sale.




Who We Help & What We Do

Our clients are luxury real estate agents, home owners, professional athletes, real estate developers, builders, celebrities, and real estate brokerages worldwide. We help tell their homes’ unique stories to guarantee coverage in the news media and sharing on social networks. Our clients’ homes sell for more money faster.


We have pioneered proprietary strategies to ensure the maximum number of high net worth individuals from tech CEOs to international investors see – and desire – our clients’ homes. Many real estate agents and developers do not have the in-house capacity to implement cutting edge strategies so we help them too.

About the Luxury Marketing Group






(1) Lifestyle Listing Films and Videos

Hollywood production quality videos with scripts, staging, actors, music, and award winning cinematography help ensure potential buyers develop an emotional connection to the home before visiting in person.

This video was produced for one of our clients. Use the YouTube settings to view it in full screen HD.

2. Special Impact Events

Eschewing traditional open houses, our special impact events with celebrities, non profit sponsors, and private invitations to affluent buyers to amp up media coverage and create social competition among attendees.

3. Public Relations and Viral Video Marketing

All our public relations strategies help ensure articles, tv spots, and viral videos are produced about your luxury home and easily shared all over the world by millions of viewers.

4. Lifestyle & Legacy Story Writing

Typical copywriting describes home features like “breathtaking views.” Our Story Writing focuses on how living in your home can lead to a better life for you and your family for generations.

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Marketing Consulting

The Marketing Luxury Group is focused on assisting luxury real estate listing agents with unique marketing strategies to sell their luxury homes.

Luxury Real Estate Business Development

Real Estate Professionals who partner with the Marketing Luxury Group are eligible for additional services that can position them as THE luxury listing authority in their target markets. (This is especially helpful to agents who are attempting to break into the luxury listing market or who have one or two multimillion dollar listings and want more.)

Agent Marketing Services

Services provided can include Book Publishing, Luxury Lifestyle Publicity, Website Development, Copywriting, Public Relations, Press Releases, Celebrity Attraction Strategies, Special Events, and Lifestyle Films Production.





The Marketing Luxury Group and Michael LaFido are frequently highlighted in media reports and curate the largest collection of articles on luxury real estate marketing and luxury brand marketing. Call 424-281-4431 to interview Michael.

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